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Welcome to my page! My name is Elena and I am thrilled to introduce myself, and my coaching services.

It's been quite a journey since I decided to enter the field of personal support services and life coaching in particular! A girl (at heart!) who grew up in a place where there is technically no summer, I somehow developed extreme heart warmness, empathy and a gentle sensitive nature along with the ability to translate it to the world. My life in Vancouver, Canada, helped me to uncover my best potential, where coaching just became a natural continuation of what my nature called for me... human contact. Together we discover your inner strengths, power and ability to change from within.

More About Me

I moved a lot in my life. When I was a child, we moved multiple times with my family, and as a result I changed schools seven times in various cities.

Change was my motto since I can remember, with all the inherent consequences. After graduating from University with an Honors' Degree in International Business, I worked in various financial institutions, huge international corporations and even had my own business in distribution. The one thing I appreciated the most throughout my corporate career was people. I witnessed a number of friends and co-workers who struggled to complete day-to-day tasks at work and home, had issues with management, struggled with their personal life and finances (remember? I actually worked with the best of the best in the finance(!). Apparently, knowing about finances does not guarantee personal financial success).

With time I noticed that I was always there to listen to and support my co-workers. No matter how tough their questions were, we were always able to find solutions together and change the way they perceived tough situations. Finding a new way and not looking back, in collaboration with another person, where you're kept accountable yet completely independent, worked for all spheres in my life. I got tested many times before I became confident to know with certainty that I could coach others.

My areas of interest in coaching include:

- women's coaching (all experiences that being in a women's body could possibly manifest)

- health coaching, where I can provide additional guidance on psychosomatics of health issues

- relationships and building a new life (new partner, new place, new beginnings)

- building self-confidence

- everything else (basically anything from "I want to reduce my Social media use" to "I want to completely change my life")

I would genuinely like you to celebrate your decision to make a change; now it is time to actually start working on it... and I am here to navigate you in your journey!

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